10bii Financial Calculator for Windows!

The day has finally arrived, my friends! Our best-selling 10bii Financial Calculator app for iOS, Android, and Mac is now available on the Windows App Store!

Calculate Your Way to Financial Freedom

Our good friend and accomplished Real Estate Investor, Buddy Broome, is offering a great new class to turn you into a Financial Calculator Wizard and show you how to create wealth!

It's called Calculate Your Way to Financial Freedom!

Use the code "inaday" and get a $50 discount which takes the price from $149 to only $99! 

Kyle's speaking in Garden Grove on June 10th!

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Ever wondered how to use a financial calculator to evaluate note investments?  

Or how to split a note into parts for fun and profit?

Financial Calculator Basics

10bii Financial Calculator display snippet from Windows 8 version

A lot of people, even relatively experienced investors, don't know what a financial calculator is, what it does, and why using one is a good idea.

Kenny and Kyle to speak at FIBI Long Beach on May 28th

Kenny and Kyle will be speaking at the Long Beach 'For Investors, By Investors' club on May 28th, 2015, starting at 7 PM.

The FIBI meeting will be held at The Grand, and... (see full article for more details)

Money Blog: Reducing your credit card rate

The Scenario

Let's say you owe $5,000 on your Visa card, and your credit card company charges you a rate or 32.99% interest.  You've budgeted $150per month toward paying off the debt, and you've comitted not to use it again until you have the balance paid off.

A) How long will it take you to pay off the balance of your debt?

B) If you talked to the company and had the rate reduced to 23.99%, how long would it take you to pay off?

C) If you negotiated the rate down to 14.99%, how long woul dit take you to pay off?

Investment Opportunities in Everyday Life

Investment opportunities are all around you, but without your 10bii Financial Calculator, you might not realize how good they are!

Kenny and Kyle speaking for Cashflow Connections

The great folks over at Cashflow Connections asked Kenny and Kyle to speak for a webinar and discuss the importance and power of financial calculators. That webinar is now available, please give it a watch and please also check out the great info and resources over at Cashflow Connections.

Money Blog - Adventures in Note Land

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Working with a note broker, I find a note that I can purchase.  The terms of the note are as follows:

Money Blog - What yield do I need?

This is the first of a series of 9 posts that go in depth into various scenarios and options relating to preparing for retirement and determining what returns are needed to reach a financial goal in the future.

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